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The increasing popularity of new media art

New media art started to become really popular towards the end of the 20th Century. Its popularity has been aided by the advances made in graphics and photography software, which has enabled people without conventional painting and drawing skills to be able to create amazing works of art.

Digital art, computer animation, video games and even computer robotics all come under the umbrella of new media art. The increasing acceptance of new media art is also underlined by the fact that students at art schools and universities now have the opportunity to gain a degree in new media art.

One notable aspect that is often associated with new media art is the ability for the observer to interact with the artwork or the artist. Getting feedback for new media art, especially digital art can all be done exclusively via the internet. There are websites that allow digital artists to upload their work to online galleries, and some of these sites cater for artist’s communities. These types of sites allow artists to comment on each other’s work.

New media art does have quite early origins, which date back to the 1830s and the invention of the zoetrope. This was a type of viewing device that contained similar, but not identical images, and when turned quickly gave the impression of movement. New media artists have taken this a step further through the invention of 3D zoetropes.

Artists use new media art in a variety of ways, and some, such as Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, will create things on a grand scale, which then become part of the urban landscape. As new technologies emerge new media art will also continue to evolve and be present in all areas of society – just as traditional paintings and sculpture have been for so many years.

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