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How the digital world brings art to the masses

The combination of computer software and the internet now means that more and more people can create their own art and make it visible to a global audience. After art has been created, in some instances it can be visible to an audience within minutes.

Even simple graphics software makes it easy to create impressive art, and this type of software can also greatly speed up production through a wide range of utility tools. These can enhance and change a piece of artwork with a single click of a mouse.

Artists who work with new media can now exhibit their work online, and on their own websites. So, a modern artist can have complete control over when they want to display their art, remove it, or sell it, etc. Artists who have traditionally worked as painters also recognise the benefits that the digital world offers them. This includes both in the creative process and in terms of how they can display their work. The internet means that people can now view art galleries in the comfort of their own homes.

Artists who have the same type of software can collaborate on art projects, and swap ideas quickly with other artists in other parts of the world thanks to the internet. The diversity and ease of use of modern technology can stimulate people creatively, and inspire people who previously felt that they had no artistic talent.

Whether it’s fractal art, or manipulating conventional images created by the artist, new media art offers countless possibilities for anyone with an artistic bent to flourish. The internet also opens the doors to communication, and so artists can build up a network of other artists they can relate to.

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