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This is one particular Tracy Byrd I can swing my pardner ’round the dancefloor! :-)
Tracy Byrd does such an excellent job on this GR8 song IMHO! :-)
Real Country! :D
*Tracy Byrd* – Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich & Famous (20th Century Masters CD)

Question: After five years of strong use! My bose amp took a dump. It is the amp that is hooked to the bass box and everything plugs into it. How do I find a replacement. I unscrewed it from the bottom of the bass box it’s part # is 277096-131F
I don’t where to look? Bose’s website didn’t lead me well.

Answer: Bose is like apple, they fail at compatibility. However, if you are good with electronics, you can probably use a 5.1 surround sound amplifier.