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Kim Here | The Channel Trailer | Quirky Lifestyle Entertainment

Kim here! And I FINALLY have a channel trailer. Go me. The quirky lifestyle entertainment YouTube channel that’ll make your life better by laughing at mine. My lifestyle is definitely quirky and funny and entertaining. Be amused by my crazy life!

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I upload videos four days a week. Talking about books I’m reading, stuff I’m trying, and the life I’m living. I’m a writer, party princess, and content creator who tries hard at local government. My life is a hodge podge. Nothing makes sense but somehow it all works. I’m quirky, but that just keeps life interesting.

I’ve been in the entertainment industry for years and years and years. So, talking to people and helping you smile comes naturally. My lifestyle is unconventional, and I like it that way. There’s vlogs about my life, princess gigs, cute kids and cute dogs. There’s product tests and reviews along with favorites and fails. I also embrace the hustle lifestyle and talk about that sometimes. I’m trying to balance a life in entertainment, storytelling, and local government. Of course there are going to be some quirky moments!

MONDAYS- The books I’m reading (reviews, recommendations, and booktube stuff)
WEDNESDAYS- Top 5 countdown (the T5W Goodreads group topic, or my own)
THURSDAYS- The stuff I’m trying (new and exciting things, or favorite products)
SATURDAYS- The life I’m living (vlogs, and my crazy life)

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Some or all of the music in this video was from Audio Library:

Kim Here | The Channel Trailer | Quirky Lifestyle Entertainment

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