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On this gorgeous Saturday afternoon, in the most exclusive Estate on the tip of Malibu Point would be where the Creators and masterminds behind Momentum Entertainment and E World Music Awards; Eric Dallas, Drew Lane, and LaSalle LaSalle, would create THE ultimate “Experience”. And while the word “Ultimate” is still humbly used in the context of what our Event Genesis team experienced, we must have one word to encompass the colorful day. For those who had the privilege to be on this “Invite List”, you very well know what we are talking about. It goes without saying that this day was sure to attract the attention of Momentum, Fashion TV, to HGTV to DLX Destination Luxury TV and an entourage of international and national celebrity actors, music and sports figures but the beauty of it all is that the vibe resonating through the event was truly everything but pretentious.

What bedazzled us even more is that this superhero Team of Momentum Entertainment and E World Music Awards could cater in one space an “Experience” that No Ultra Exclusive Red Carpet Event could ever cater. Tell us but wouldn’t you agree that a 3.4 mile hike up from PCH, 9.6 acres of land, an ultra modern architectural estate compound, some international luxury toy cars, Crème de la Crème Chefs Dr. Mike Fenster and Celebrity Bachelor Chef Damien Pierre, Fashion designer Eva Varo, rocking Destination X Lissa Endriga, and Nickelodeon, Disney, MTV personalities such as Nadine Casanova, Syzlvia, The Terks, Christina Ballestero, Sam Stone, Chad Genderson, Miss L, Shelby Reese and Belen Corso, would do the job to outdue any Red Carpet Blah Blah?

From the moment upon arrival on this side of Malibu, which we kid you not had an un-obstructed view of the Pacific Ocean, Catalina and maybe even China, we were in left awe because in addition to the mouth dropping view everything thereafter kept getting better and better by the second.

Guests were given the chance to interact with 3 luxury cars that any normal person would probably never in their lifetime ever have the chance to play with especially when it would be in company of the one and only Lissa Endriga otherwise known as the James Bond Girl from the Destination X show. It would be within her company that one could turn the engine of a royal dark purple 600 Horsepower Techart Turbo 996 Porsche that drove no slower than 200 miles an hour to the Swiss invented Monotracer, known as the world’s only high performance cabin motorcycle to the white 4 door Luxury Audi R8. And seriously, any guy in their right mind would have to seriously pinch himself twice for this moment, and while we did catch a guest or two in action, it was no surprise why they wouldn’t.

As guests walked the glass staircase they were in for another interactive world of luxury with the palette spoiling foods created by Dr. Mike Fesnter with his “Open Face Fois Gras Slider” amuse bouches to “Lemongrass Lobster Miso Shooters” to “Lavender Madeleine with Chocolate Ganache” to Chef Damien Pierre’s soul warming macaroni and cheese plates, to his lasagna platters that left guests licking their fingers over and over. And as if this wasn’t enough, guests were spoiled with endless servings of some of the most luxury Vodka mix drinks from IS Vodka, Comisario Ultra Tequila and the list goes on.

And while the Experience was in continuous momentum, in the backdrop would not be only the most talented musicians performing while some ravishing female and male beauties dressed in Honey Bee, Eva Varro and Greg Chapman designs transcended the exotic hardwood floors of this Malibu Estate.

In no time, it became clearer that the invitation so called a ” Lifestyle showcase” was very much understated because it truly fused the colorful worlds of Autos, Food, Fashion, Food, Music, TV and Design and tied it in the most authentic way.
The energy in this house brought more fireworks than you could imagine because everyone recognized that right here was a house filled with the most incredible talent, humble hearts and amazing personalities.

The Event Genesis Team would like to give much recognition to Eric Dallas and Drew Lane who truly brought an experience which not only drew attention for its authenticity but also for bringing such a spectacular, genuine group of people who truly were beautiful from the inside out. And seriously couldn’t describe a better day. And while each artist truly left a mark within all of us, we have to make a special note to Nadine Casanova who really swept everyone away by ending the night with her charismatic presence and her heart warming lyrics, which touched many in the crowd.

We could not thank Momentum Entertainment and E World Music Awards enough for making this day possible for us to witness. Forever will the day be marked in our memories. Please stay tuned with Event Genesis Team as the Ultimate Media Swat Team that will vibe into the world of Red Carpet to No Carpe

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