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Bose Lifestyle Soundtouch 135 Entertainment System

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Small speakers serve up big sound, but this package comes with an exorbitantly high price tag, and some surprising limitations.

Summary: This produces substantial from compact gear, while drawing only miserly amounts of power. Easy setup, and everything in one box, including cabling. the featureset is lacking basics like an on-screen display, the lovely have long proprietary cables, and seems an unnecessary complication for simple audio streaming usage. Several aspects feel “dated”. For the price-tag, I expected better. Details follow:

Classic Crisp, clear, distinct. The “ADAPTiQ” headset is used to let the figure out the acoustic properties of the room (and adjust its accordingly). Presumably the is more accurate than the mic other receivers for this purpose.

A/V functions are split into 2 pieces, the “console” and the wireless adapter” (which end up cabled together), making for a clunky layout. All the so since the remote works with the the app with the This feels the recycle of an old hardware design that should be rebuilt as unit. Combined with the of an that means both have to be “out”. On power-cycle, the doesn’t to remember what HDMI input was last.

Display/controls: Unlike modern AV the output overlays to the current That you’ll be squinting to the tiny on the or using the (yes that a AND a mobile device), or they simply didn’t provide the were looking for anyway.

The (“Acoustimass”) is (since it plugs anyway). The are all Unfortunately, the provided are very proprietary). So to the nice clean (no cables) in the promo pic? You’re going to need to do drywall and management.

Electrical (measured at the wall) is impressively For modest volume, the and drew well under 50W.

of my biggest hits on is the completely proprietariness of be commodity parts. That includes the wires. are will be much too for the fronts (to the pictured in shot), and possibly too short for the rears. And they’re black. (how many of have walls?) The also “normal” ends.

to have a universal the is amateurish. do most on an perhaps? It’s not in the top row (it’s in the middle). else, A smallish rocker crowded by buttons. Mute? I most) That’s a below the They have repackaged of Logitech’s brilliant remotes, instead of this cluttered 1990s throwback.
Bose Lifestyle Soundtouch 135 Entertainment System

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