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Bose 43478 Lifestyle 48 Home Entertainment System Series

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So this is what you get for ,000. I’ve listened to this many times, although I do not own it. I don’t hear anything special about it and can’t believe the high cost. I would every pay or even ,000 for This fits between 0-,000 like many of the HTIB There are no highs and no low’s with The bass is a joke…well, I realize many people want small speakers and good sound. won’t the same with cubes as with taller floorstanding or bookshelf type but these claim to be the They aren’t close. For put together from Paradigm, Ascend, Boston Accoustics, Cambridge Soundworks, Polk, Klipsch, Aperion, Axiom, PSB, Harmon Kardon, Onkyo, Yamaha, Kef, and goes on and and Mirage are just two companies that make that will blow of the water. buy into the hype and go try and research all the other quality for yourself. are made paper cones and plastic that heard reproduce those for -. So basically paying for the name markup and nothing else. do a favor and some and do testing and will all the sounds are missing.
Bose 43478 Lifestyle 48 Home Entertainment System Series

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