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Bose Lifestyle Soundtouch 535 Entertainment System

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is trailing in technology and is charging for a premium for a that cannot seem to keep up.

Out of box experience was good, shipping and packaging well done but the actual with the device was up to my expectations.

1. The sound options were easy to access the delta between original and recommended seemed to be a very muddled in order to fake a 5.1 on non-5.1 recordings
2. The switch audio and to tv was no working with a tv that is about 1 year olda high 65 inch Samsung non-4K. Very disappointing
3. The connect other services to your Pandora, etc was in an endless loop in the update of the software.

I am in the business and know how hard it is to get everything right I am paying a for as a brand and they have always delivered just this time.

Sad face here.
Bose Lifestyle Soundtouch 535 Entertainment System

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