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Lifestyle Entertainment Studio 品味娱乐创作室


一班秉承”传播智慧,传承文化” 使命的年轻人,为了缔造马来西亚演绎文化经典而成立了〈品味娱乐创作室〉。〈品味娱乐创作室〉是”私人活动的策划专家” ,是”个性主题婚礼的策划者”,也是”商务活动的创想家”,更是一个”传播智慧,传承文化” 的孵化平台。〈品味娱乐创作室〉本着坚持 “专业、创新”的服务理念,倾力打造一支创意十足的专业队伍,拥有激情的策划团队、丰富的执行经验和多样有效的合作资源,为您提供全面的活动订制服务,着力打造最具影响力的文化、艺术及娱乐传播事业。

“聚合活动之美;发扬传播之美”,〈品味娱乐创作室〉多次成功策划执行了各种大型活动策划、庆典活动策划、展会活动策划等,也积极推广活动庆典演艺、视觉 创意设计、影视摄影制作等,凭借丰富经验的策划队伍和极强的执行团队到强大的资源配置,广泛得到各界朋友的赞许和好评。

任何对〈品味娱乐创作室〉所提供之演员或专业人士有任何疑问,请即致电012 6987 654查询,或电邮致

Showcase of timeless Wisdom & Cultural Heritage.

Founded by a group of like-minded young entrepreneurs who nurture a passion for showcasing timeless wisdom & cultural heritage, our ‘Lifestyle Entertainment Studio’ is committed to create the awareness for the uniqueness of Malaysian cultural in the local scene. ‘Lifestyle Entertainment Studio’ is by far a ‘private event planner’, ‘theme-based wedding organizer’ as well as ‘commercial activity collaborator’ aimed at living out our mission to showcase the timeless wisdom and cultural heritage. Our professional, vastly-experienced and passionate team is always dedicated to serve customers with their innovative & creative ideas by incorporating a wide array of resources, providing an all-inclusive tailor-made service and creating impacts for various cultural, artistic and entertainment events.

‘Lifestyle Entertainment Studio’ has successfully organized a diverse range of major events, celebrations and trade shows which added to our impressive track record of achievements. With ‘realization of beauty through media presentation’ being our core principle, we also emphasize on the artistic beauty of various programmes, the creativity in terms of visual effects and the exceptional quality of audio-visual/photography productions. The hard work and efficiency of our experienced staff members as well as optimized resource allocation have yielded outstanding results both in the planning and execution of all projects undertaken and won numerous accolades from all sectors of the community.

Should you have enquiries for any of ‘Lifestyle Entertainment Studio’ artistes or professionals, kindly call 012 6987 654 for clarification or e-mail to
Lifestyle Entertainment Studio 品味娱乐创作室

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