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Good Charlotte – Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

Music video by Good Charlotte performing Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. (C) 2002 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
Good Charlotte – Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

20 Responses to “Good Charlotte – Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous”

  1. christian almli says:

    Oh, the irony of this song…

  2. FireNinja606 says:

    Anyone come here from Drake and Josh?

  3. R. G. W says:

    Isn’t that Bald lawyer guy Kyle Gass from the other half of the awesome
    Tenacious D ? 

  4. rock monster says:

    Oh the irony….Benji marrying Cameron Diaz in his mansion with a ton of

  5. banananutmuffin24 says:

    Billy was so hot ugh

  6. vixx ruru says:

    Is it true he treats you like a dog? ..*dog appears * forgot about that

  7. Angy _nas says:

    Now they are rich and they are famous…

  8. Virginia Moller says:

    I used to crank this on my boom box when I was 15 lol good song 

  9. Erin Finnegan says:

    weird they are dissing the rich and famous but they are rich and famous,
    they are dissing themselvs

  10. Ryan Geoghagan says:

    I would love to see a show about celebrities living on the street for a
    week. They should make it pay per view. I would pay money to see
    celebrities live like a homeless person.

  11. roz turner says:

    I can do a very good impression of the blonde woman in my maths class
    teacher: Some random question
    me: Can I… get back to you on that?

  12. DarkReaperEntertainment says:

    2015 and still awesome <3

  13. Harald “Harrynator” Schmidt says:


  14. Masquerade Ask says:

    This song fits the rebellion don’t you think +Sangui Vantas
    P.s just lisson 

  15. Sarahk Neels says:

    “Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous” by Good Charlotte
    Watch it:

  16. ALBERT' Q' says:

    Isn’t that the dude from nsync

  17. wannabeflo says:

    Thumbs up if you still listen it in 2015! :)

  18. Thomas Boyce says:

    I bet everyone who shit talked Good Charlotte then prays for this kind of
    music now…..I’m one of them….


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