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ML | Adventures with YG Entertainment – Episode 06 ( Part 1 )

In this episode we have Shaun Evaristo helping out Mari Martin on 2NE1 ‘s choreography for “Clap Your Hands”. This time around, you’ll get to see the choreography made from start to finish!

Part 2 :


Movement Lifestyle

Kanauru Productions
( Richard Che & Qui Truong

YG Entertainment
ML | Adventures with YG Entertainment – Episode 06 ( Part 1 )

25 Responses to “ML | Adventures with YG Entertainment – Episode 06 ( Part 1 )”

  1. Alisa Adam says:


  2. Justina Kissova says:

    @octopusink01 not true >:( TOP better and less annoying

  3. bigbang13807 says:

    I think the Barrier of Language makes it more difficult to understand each
    Other. But CL’s english is really good. I wish I could speak Korean
    fluently but I am still Learning.

  4. Lety1431T says:

    Haha I was laughing so much especially when bommie said what the hell I
    don’t know!! I love u BOM!

  5. twxcpnay says:

    CL so cute @ 6:00 to me ahaha <3

  6. dwx says:

    @aaronFr3sh thats just the english spelling so it doesnt really matter
    since the korean spelling is the same and the english spelling is just made
    phonetically. (if thats what u were wondering)

  7. dsd79 says:

    woes the name of the track at the end?

  8. bandido shiro says:

    dara so serious…

  9. Chinchin Lodiomon says:

    i Laughed hard when i realized that the choreographer sung the backseochoen
    as Popsicle .. am i right ????

  10. Conz Coronacion says:

    wow!! i bet shaun and taeyang are good friends… he said Young Bae and not

  11. ElleonOnline says:

    10:00 I’m laughing my ass off at CL getting so frustrated with Bom
    “AYEEE!!” XD

  12. Mynell Mariano says:

    while CL is already frustrated on teaching Bom, Minzy and Dara are already
    dying of laughter. hahahahahaha. :D

  13. frankshizzle23 says:

    episode 7? :(

  14. Firuze Gülay Tekiner says:

    Love park Bommie so sweet :)

  15. Nico Leanne Lanuza says:

    2ne1 are like kids at 8:30 HAHA

  16. charlotte buenavidez says:

    cl bullying dara at the background 8:11-8:16 hahahaxD chaera^^

  17. Alexus Imbouathong says:

    Bom and CL at 9:53 I was laughing so hard that I started crying! ^^

  18. Diana Filosopo says:

    what the hell i don’t know ~ BOMMIE so funny :D

  19. jane lane says:

    I noticed that that period 2ne1,Se7en, Tae Yang’s choreography changed,
    moved to the next level and I loved it. So it was you guys :D <3

  20. YM Pretty says:

    popsicle!!! oh my

  21. Daranzy Chaebom says:

    3:52 hahaha so funny, why they did not do that? :D ok not, just kidding.

  22. Crisostomo Ibarra says:

    POPSICLE~ bom laughs! haha! what the hell i dont know!!! :D

  23. for2itous dr1fter says:

    I just found out about this and I can’t believe this was in wish
    this had more episodes! my fave was Bom’s “WHAT THE HELL..I DON’T KNOW!”


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