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Bose Lifestyle® V35 and Panasonic TX-P65VT50E Preview

PREVIEW: Bose Lifestyle® V35 home entertainment system (Premium Jewel Cube® speakers and Acoustimass® module) and Panasonic TX-P65VT50E with a remote controller Philips Pronto TSU9300
Song: Asaf Avidan – One day / Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix) link:
Bose Lifestyle® V35 and Panasonic TX-P65VT50E Preview

25 Responses to “Bose Lifestyle® V35 and Panasonic TX-P65VT50E Preview”

  1. SeveFanClub says:

    nice place!

  2. Sami says:

    I like your place

  3. RICHBOY01 says:

    are the speakers wireless?

  4. rehabboy01 says:

    those jewel speakers are high range speaker system. thanks for this video.

  5. shoopkoman says:

    nope, they aren’t. u can clearly see the wire at 3:14 :D

  6. MrViper7121 says:

    Wtf? How can they be wireless? Too small to fit anything but the crap
    drivers already in them

  7. JRLM says:

    I have this tv mounted on the wall and to be honest……….it doesn’t
    look great on the wall..

  8. MrHamit64 says:

    I love this system. There are 2 reasons I haven’t gotten it though. Well,
    make it 3. Mony, it’s $3 grand, 7.1 most major films are starting rto be 6
    or 7.1, and 4K. I don’t know if bose will update the firmware to handle 4K
    and I want 4096 by 2160P cinema 4K.

  9. shoopkoman says:

    hi! Well, both set of speakers are great. The question is in what kind of
    room/place would you put them?

  10. shoopkoman says:

    well, put this way, with this speakers you can make your own ”Project X”
    at your house ;)

  11. Jimmy Gutierrez says:

    What do you mean project x

  12. Jimmy Gutierrez says:

    I have one really good question how many watts is the Bose v35

  13. shoopkoman says:

    Everything good, but remote is remote.

  14. shoopkoman says:

    I mean this /watch?v=1Rl1TJG17Wk :)

  15. Jimmy Gutierrez says:

    How many watts is the bose

  16. julius ayong says:

    lol i think so lmfao……

  17. Jimmy Gutierrez says:

    Love it

  18. CircleStudio says:

    Best sound systeme ever the V35 are so amazing

  19. ScreamingMEEME47 says:

    If they cut their prices in half they would gain their respect back that
    they had in the 80s

  20. ScreamingMEEME47 says:

    Btw nice set up I like it!

  21. 44djmatt says:

    How loud does it go up to, 60, 70……?

  22. Ragingfighter1 says:

    Very good I have to say

  23. Jimmy gutierrez says:

    How many watts is the speaker

  24. munehiro0608 says:

    I want that!!!


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