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Bose Lifestyle 535 Series 3 Vs. Bowers and Wilkins Speakers

Here’s a video showing a system you can get for the price of the Bose Lifestyle 535 consisting of Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) speakers, and I think if you were to hear it, you’d it agree sounds better than the Lifestyle 535.

Here’s an equipment list:

2x B&W 685’s (fronts)
1x B&W HTM62 (center)
2x B&W 686’s Or M-1’s (surrounds)
1x B&W ASW610 (subwoofer)
**A Yamaha RX-A740 A/V Receiver
A Logitech Harmony/URC/or Nevo universal remote

**Other A/V receivers I’d check out are:
Denon AVR-X2100W
Sony STR-DA1800ES
Pioneer Elite VSX-80
Integra DTR-20.4 (As I mentioned in the video, Integra is Onkyo’s high end brand, so at this price range, I’d stay away from Onkyo).

And YES, as I said in the video, I know people like Bose’s Lifestyle systems for their speaker’s small size, and I eventually plan on making a video in which I show/talk about the Bowers and Wilkins M-1’s (as I briefly showed and talked about in this video) in more detail and how they compare to Bose’s speakers. However, for now, I have another video that shows a system you can get for about the price of the Bose Lifestyle 535 that has small speakers that sound better, which is here:

It shows Paradigm MilleniaOnes, which are along the same lines of quality as the B&W M-1’s.

Also, here’s a video that explains how Yamaha’s A/V receivers (and also A/V receivers from those other brands, which pretty much have the same features these Yamaha receivers have) are better than Bose’s media centers:

And here’s a video showing a system that sounds better than both of Bose’s Lifestyle systems, but costs less. I also demonstrate how the way Bose’s cube/bass module combination works is a bad design:

Bose Lifestyle 535 Series 3 Vs. Bowers and Wilkins Speakers

18 Responses to “Bose Lifestyle 535 Series 3 Vs. Bowers and Wilkins Speakers”

  1. Malice Wonderland says:

    Nice vid sir. Very professional. How about some Chinese food? Lol

  2. Raymond Leggs says:

    I bought an insignia speaker package with five sattelite speakers and a
    subwoofer with a8 inch driver a few years ago and it sounds better than a
    lot of similar packages that cost a bit more only cost 135.00 all the
    spankers and the subwoofer have binding posts on the back and they are
    decently heavy. i took the speakers apart once and the magnets on the
    woofers take up most of the enclosures. unlike the bose.

  3. lord darmok says:

    B@W vs Blows no competition lol.

  4. PEEKABOO2K says:

    2 thumbs up for this video

  5. marco ramirez says:

    i pay 1300 for my 535 on ebay good deal I think 

  6. Brendan Cook says:

    Huh. Yeah see what you FAIL to touch on is the incredible engineering that
    BOSE does to achieve the level of sound quality that they do, which is damn
    impressive. Lack of build quality, really? BOSE products are tanks, and are
    built to last. Full range drivers have their advantages over a tweeter mid
    range set up, especially in vocals and overall coherency of the sound, and
    BOSE has some of the best out there. BOSE makes all their own stuff, their
    own drivers in the US and Mexico, their own high quality amps, everything.
    They don’t just pull random crap off the shelves like other audio
    companies. The Klipsch I owned sounded great, but so does the BOSE. Better
    in some ways. BOSE innovates. What you get with BOSE is quality sound,
    design, build quality, and longevity. So, OVERALL, you get what you pay for
    with BOSE. 

  7. Raymond Leggs says:

    Have you compared the new nakamichi sound-bars to the bose? 

  8. SyIN Tific says:

    Great video! you are correct. I owned both the Bose Lifestyles And Bower
    and Wilkins systems that you show in the vid. I can say for sure Bowers and
    Wilkins are light years ahead of Bose tech in sound and build quality. 

  9. xXx_illuminati_overload_xXx says:

    Bose are paper cone speakers in a plasic cabnet, a pc speaker in other

  10. CL SMOOTH says:

    you know what I don’t get about all of these experts is that if bose are
    such bad speakers why are people allways comparing them its like telling
    people don’t believe your ears but believe what I tell you please enough
    already. if you don’t like bose ok don’t buy them but please shutup and let
    people chose what they like its all subjective just like the
    car,shoes,pants you buy dude take a long walk off a short pier.

  11. ThingsDemystified says:

    I auditioned a pair of 685s, and I could not believe how well they imaged.
    Can you suggest other speakers I might want to check out that are in the
    $650/pair price range? I was about to comment that people buying Bose want
    small speakers but then you covered that at 0:37 The only things that I
    like from Bose are their Wave Radio, Quiet Comfort headphones (for their
    noise isolation, not sound quality – but I sold mine after I found no use
    for them) and Soundlink Mini (now there are potentially better alternatives
    like the JBL Charge 2 or Sonos Play 1). What Bose is great at is marketing.
    For speaker systems, I don’t think anyone would pick Bose in a blinded
    comparison test, but I have to admit that I really liked their Acoustimass
    systems back in the early 90s. Back then I was an “uneducated” consumer,
    and Bose speakers sounded really good to me, and were very appealing. I
    could never afford them though, so that might have had a psychological

  12. mdenny9969 says:

    bose sucks

  13. Jeffrey Middelveld says:

    Indeed.. I recently bought a set of B&W 602 s2 with a Rotel RA-12
    amplifier. With the Nuforce 24bit/192kHz DAC I use.. Bose won’t ever come
    close. B&W is simply the only choice if it comes to incredibly balanced and
    natural sound. 

  14. Technologic says:

    with those tiny bose cubes you are asking the subwoofer to do way too much,
    essentially around 200hz down needs to be handled by the subwoofer which is
    way too wide of a band, and when you get a good bit of excursion of the
    subwoofer you are going to add distortion in the higher bass frequencies
    and not too mention a loss of efficiency of the subwoofer trying to get
    such a wide response range

  15. Slevin Kalevra says:

    Quality in the US and Mexico hahaha are you fkn kidding me.
    Bose is not better than Bowers and Wilkins…. in fact, they’re not even as
    good. But, advertising says otherwise.

    Bose’s aggressive advertising has made the general public believe that
    they’re “High End,” therefore, people believe that Bose’s products are
    worth more money than others. The truth is, they’re not. They’re only
    average in quality (Many times less than average) and they tend to be made
    out of cheap materials in China. 

  16. Slevin Kalevra says:

    there are also Klipsch JBL and so on …… that are better
    price/performance than Bose

  17. Chris Williams says:

    Still hating ain’t he folks!? Lmao you would think ONE! video is enough to
    make a “hating” point. I think one of the BOSE associates took a dump in
    his yard years ago. LOL

  18. xcalabir says:

    To even try and compare Bose SQ to B&W is embarrassing!!!!


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