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Donald Trump Documentary – Billionaire Rich Lifestyle

Donald Trump Documentary – Billionaire Rich Lifestyle

Donald John Trump, Sr. is an American business magnate, investor, television personality and author. He is the chairman and president of The Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts.

Donald Trump Documentary – Billionaire Rich Lifestyle



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Donald Trump Documentary – Billionaire Rich Lifestyle
Donald Trump Documentary – Billionaire Rich Lifestyle

24 Responses to “Donald Trump Documentary – Billionaire Rich Lifestyle”

  1. Shasha Rshan says:

    See this name? Yes mine, remember it. Because I will be BIG. 

  2. Noelle Jordan says:

    Donald Trump should not wear red or pink ties – ever. With all his money,
    he should dress like a million bucks. He should avoid white shirts as
    well, as his face is pale. Green would be great with his hair, and black
    would be awesome as well. 

  3. Wacky Jackscum says:

    He’s even wearing an endangered species as a hat, fuck him.

  4. David Lee says:

    He is a swine infected with virus

  5. Michael Skye says:

    His Daughter is intelligent and sexy, perfect combination ;) 

  6. alphadelta foxtrot says:

    At 33:47 you have the perfect damn proof that our system is pure shit. How
    the fuck would the bank let this psycho-egocentric piece of shit without
    any penalty when he owed 900 G!!!! Two Classes of human in USA, rich and
    poor. May I remind you guys that while this Fat Fuck is getting richer and
    richer, some towns in US are shout down because the fellows can’t afford to
    pay the water bills. Cool huh? 

  7. Papouche Junior says:

    As of 9-2-2014, according to Forbes, Donald Trump is worth $4.1 Billion. So
    it looks like Donald is still full of shit about his true net worth.

  8. Mrmalleableful says:

    his wife is so hot

  9. Careless Danny says:

    owns 9 golf courses? why?????? how about helping some people in need???
    his priorities are so fucked up

  10. Korky Da Cat says:

    Is my hair ok lol ??

  11. Mikey Carralero says:

    Mr. Trump is one hell of an asshole. He thinks so much about himself… He
    has been so used to being in power he has gone kind of crazy! I will admit
    that he has a whole bunch of cool stuff (including his three wives he has
    had) I wish I had but he is so greedy! He makes money by buying land and
    then selling them. What happens when he sells this land is that so many
    people get fired, and lose money! Well he once asked Obama to give out all
    his personal records and passports to “the whole darn country” for 5
    million dollars… Isn’t
    it just sad? Well his whole Facebook account explains a lot. If I am wrong about something please
    tell me so.

  12. Time Pilligrim says:

    What a waste even name is trump. I say no one cares about him. take a close
    look all of those smiles are fake. all of it is fake

  13. keiv.v antonio says:

    Todo un magnate Donald trump… :)

  14. addmad99 says:

    His 3rd wife is so dumb… ‘i think successful people don’t sleep much.’
    girls just want money & comfortable life, a girl half the age of man will
    never marry him if his is not rich enough. And these girls are always
    beautiful & glamorous, as if they sell their beauty for money & physical
    comfort. After spending some years together they will get separated & get
    humungous alimony. This is a nice trade. And they talk of femininity. 

  15. tom conti says:

    Can’t stand this arrogant prick, I’d let my sheep shit all over him.

  16. Altaaf Sakoer says:

    I am already rich 6 billion dollar richest kid of south amarika

  17. Kevin Almeida says:

    Check out this video on YouTube: Iconic

  18. 666MaRius9991 says:

    That woman wasting her beauty on an old man,dumb whore.

  19. Michael Moore says:

    he can take his money and shove it up his ASS!!! great work

  20. Feokew smith says:

    οχι καριολη. δε σε θελι ο κοσμος οπου πας γιατι εισαι ενας αντιπαθητικος
    σκατογερος που χει ζυγωσει η ωρα του.αι στο διαολο σπαγγοραμενε εσυ και το
    σκυλολοι σου.

  21. Tan Pham says:

    Damn that old man has a hot wife

  22. Edgar Helbling says:

    Makes a very good case for haters of Americans.

  23. Ника Буденая says:

    I admire D. Trump for his talent to give people very useful advice how to
    become successful in life.
    Thank you,

  24. andyb6200 says:

    is ivana a voice actor? i swear i have heard her voice somewhere… its


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