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Awesome 70′s Fireplace entertainment center – The Playboy Lifestyle!

All I had was my shitty cell phone vid…maybe Illl return with better vid quality….but youll get the jist of it.

I found this at an antique mall in Indy, but the owner wants alot for it. Its currently marked DOWN… 0. But how super cool is this. Faux fireplace and mantle when closed up, but to each side mof the fireplace (which I believe glows when turned on) are speakers. And in the top…..on the left side, is a record storage area….but wait! One shove of that lazy susan and we have a mirrored bar….which is also illuminated!

On the right side is turntable, stereo tuner, and 8-track. Just awesome. If only I had the room and money to burn.
Awesome 70′s Fireplace entertainment center – The Playboy Lifestyle!

16 Responses to “Awesome 70′s Fireplace entertainment center – The Playboy Lifestyle!”

  1. joe f says:

    i saw this on the chicago craigslist yesterday.way too much money but it is

  2. Vinylrecordsneverdie says:

    That thing is awesome!

  3. 78Revolutions says:

    @chompo7 When I first found this, I found a similar one online…..also
    priced too high. I just looked up the chicago one, Not the same unit (same
    maker, different year and contents). The one in my vid has an 8 track and
    different tuner. But yes, Overall…same thing, Same asking price. Simply
    too much…cool or not!

  4. joe f says:

    @78Revolutions well you know how it goes,its old so it MUST be worth alot
    of money,hahah! there is a person on the chicago craigslist thats been
    trying to a magnavox for 1000 and a zenith for 550!!.neither one has a
    picture and they have been listed for months,it just cracks me up and makes
    me sick all at the same time.

  5. 78Revolutions says:

    @chompo7 I just ‘bing’ searched for “Koronette Fireplace” and found a bunch
    of them! All asking big money….my guess is none selling.

  6. joe f says:

    @78Revolutions pretty sad huh? its a shame that these inflated prices make
    these things sit and collect dust rather that in someones home that would
    enjoy them. i usually dont ever like to pay more than 50 bucks at the most
    for an old console.

  7. kirbykallen says:

    I remember these! They were very popular in the late 60′s early 70′s!

  8. sideshowtink says:

    How COOL! That is so bachelor pad! Love the hidden stereo and bar!

  9. vinylelvis1 says:

    My friend found one of these for like 10$ at a value village. Yeah they are
    cool,but there is always some idiot who thinks its worth a 1000$ or 500$
    lol I love when they dont even have a picture of it…but want high
    dollars! Nice Find!

  10. dewey70 says:

    Sweet! Back in the 70s, a friend of mine’s folks had one exactly like this.
    Of course, we weren’t suppose to touch it, but that didn’t stop us!! How
    much did they want for it? I can only imagine

  11. 78Revolutions says:

    @coldplays179 No, I havent. Link me up! I wanna see it now.

  12. fivemijares says:

    My parents have one exactly like this… Curious to know how much they are
    going for. Do you remember the price on it?

  13. 78Revolutions says:

    @fivemijares Ive never seen one sell. I see people ask alot for them, but
    asking price and selling price are two very different thing. I think this
    one began over $400 and last time I saw it was down to $200. Stereo
    consoles are a tough sell because they take up so much room, so uniqueness
    doesnt always equal value. Most console players go for $50 or so, I wouldnt
    think this fireplace deal wouldn’t bring over $100 because its just so BIG.

  14. superbobwiley1 says:

    nice! you don’t see to many of these things. They are pretty hard to get
    info on .Mine looks pretty close to that one. I know on some of them one of
    the speakers opens like a cupboard for storage did you notice if this one

  15. 78Revolutions says:

    @superbobwiley1 I didnt notice. They appeared to be the speakers, but im
    not sure. Ill have to go check if its still there some time and see if one
    of them is storage…

  16. mmstudios95 says:

    mine was willed to me and 6 years ago was destroyed i just found one for a
    great price but i would have payed a lot more


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