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Why Bose Speakers Are Overpriced (The Lifestyle 535)

Bose has come out with the Lifestyle 535 Series III, which is ,300 (0 more than the system discussed in this video). It actually has (after 20 years) redesigned Jewel Cubes, plus it has Wi-Fi streaming built in.
However, I would still stay true to my bet that the system shown in this video would sound way better than the Bose Lifestyle 535 Series III.
Either way, eventually you can expect new videos showing systems you can get for the price of the new Lifestyle 535 Series III; including brands other than Paradigm.

Here’s a video showing a system you can get for the price (which is ,300 at the time this video was made) of the Bose Lifestyle 535 consisting of big speakers that I think if you were to hear you’d agree sounds better than the LS535. This video also demonstrates how the Bose Lifestyle 535 is overpriced, and I explain from to Bose’s marketing.

Here’s an equipment list:

2x Paradigm Mini Monitors (fronts)
1x Paradigm Center 1 (center)
2x Paradigm Surround 1’s (surrounds)
1x Paradigm Monitor SUB8 (or Paradigm DSP-3100 if you absolutely have to stick to a ,300 budget)
A Yamaha RX-A740 A/V Receiver
A Logitech Harmony/URC/or Nevo universal remote

*Eventually I will be making videos showing speakers from other brands (the most likely ones will be Martin Logan and PSB speakers).

And YES, as I said in the video, I know people like Bose’s Lifestyle systems for their speaker’s small size, and I have another video that shows a system you can get for the cost of the Bose Lifestyle 535 that has small speakers that sound better, which is here:

Here’s the video that explains how Yamaha’s A/V receivers are better than Bose’s media centers:

Here’s 2 videos showing systems you can get for the price of Bose’s Lifestyle 525, both of which would still sound better than the Bose Lifestyle 535:

Big speaker system:

Small speaker system:

And here’s a video showing a system that sounds better than both of Bose’s Lifestyle systems, but costs less. I also demonstrate how Bose’s cube/bass module combination works is a bad design in this video:

Why Bose Speakers Are Overpriced (The Lifestyle 535)

7 Responses to “Why Bose Speakers Are Overpriced (The Lifestyle 535)”

  1. mskittie30 says:

    Despite all the spec evidence you provide, there’s something about the Bose
    that just sounds better.Call me ignorant but I’ve had and heard a lot of
    different speakers/receivers and Bose always blows them away.I might not
    know all their capabilities but I know when something sounds better than
    the other.I’d say despite all the specs you provide it always boils down to
    taste.Loved your video

  2. MrHamit64 says:

    hi. Yeah I agree the WIFI thing should be baked in. Also what’s with
    getting rid of the IPod tray? Oh yeah and Dolby Atmos is on the way. I’ve
    been looking at onkyo’s atmos system. I love bose sound well enough as you
    might remember, but dude they are behind the times. Hay finally they do 3D
    BD with these systems though. Oh but wait, you have to download the
    software. Dude this should all be baked in. Hmmmmmmmm, I’m forgeting
    something. Let’s see here. Ah now I remember, no DTS HD lausless yet. I’
    not bashing. I’m just saying come on Bose, let’s get going here. Atmos is
    on the way and you don’t have 7.1 even yet? Oh but yeah wow you guys went
    full steem on sound bars which I really don’t fall for. Fake surround
    sound. Stretched stereo esentually. The SRS wow effect in Windows media
    player. Seriously bose? How could you? I love you guys. Don’t do this to me
    man. I’ve been so looking forward to a 7.1 system from them but no sigar. I
    guess we’ll see about Dolby Atmos.

  3. Hamit Campos says:

    No sadly I hav not. I’ve heard a lot about Atmos and love the idea of it. I
    wanted to hear the 2 Hobbit movies and Godzilla 2014 in Atmos, but CT has
    no Atmos theaters sadly.

  4. Hamit Campos says:

    So yeah. that’s why I was checking out Onkyo. Pluss they can do LPCM 192
    thousand KHZ 32 bit audio. Which reminds me. HDMI 2.0 is another way I fear
    they’ll fall behind yet even more. Come on Bose, let’s going here!

  5. G Man says:

    Hello, I would put my system up against this Bose lifestyle system any day
    of the week.
    I have the Yamaha RX-A2040 and two Paradigm Phantom tower speakers,
    Paradigm 270 center speaker with two Polk audio Black Stone TL2 as
    surrounds. System sounds great. Great review. Keep up the good work. I just
    think all Bose equipment is way over priced.

  6. G Man says:

    Oh I forgot I have a Yamaha sub YST-SW305

  7. Rob Lamper says:

    a bit overkill for the avarage living room? and yes bose ic crap


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