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“Series:” WAKE UP NOW “Entertainment & Lifestyle” Pt. 3 [Rhonda Pringle]

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What’s going on world, I’m here with my baby sister
I told yall we doing big things with this company called wakeupnow
You see it. We taking over the low country and I’m here with my baby sister another boss, another entreprenuer,
when I say entreprenuer i’m talking about owning trucks, & traveling and living the lifestyle, and how old are you? 22.
22, how many 22 year olds you know that’s in mlm companies along with owning their own business, a truck? Training and all that? But I’m doing too much, I’m talking too much but I’m just excited, she’s one of my top 3, 1 of the 1st people to join my team so you see the support, & I’m going to let her introduce herself, and let her tell you why you need to join her team in wakeupnow.

Hi my name is Rhonda Pringle, like she was saying I’m working on owning my own truck, I own my own vehicle, it’s paid for and everything. I am a trainer as well. I also make time to do this wake up now, to bring in extra money and to save on a lot of things, vacations and going out to eat. And that should help right cause you on the road and traveling? It definitely helps cause I always have to eat out, they also give coupons for deodorant and all that extra stuff.

We are in Charleston SC downtown bout to turn up, if you didn’t know this is Kween Katt and I’m Dj Anchor bout to act a donkey, look at them waves.

Now you have some people that say they make enough money so they don’t need to join wake up now but how much money would you say you bring in on a weekly basis from just being a truck driver? On a weekly basis I bring in minimum of 0 a week. So you already making 0 a week but you still looking for other venues to increase your income? So, you can never have never have enough money! She doing it up big juicy.

You should join my wake up now team because you need to save everybody need saving and it would be a good investment for you and everybody needs to try and do better and get on they feet. So wake up now.

You heard it one boss to another, she’s in my top 3 like I said. She’s one of my 1st legs. Not only that but like I said she’s my baby sister. So if you need anything, she should have the answers but if she doesn’t, not that everybody can’t contact me directly on my team but she’s like one of the closest people to me so you got direct access. When you join her team you join my team as well. Because we build each other up.
When they winning I’m winning. And we all need to be winning. So join us in wake up now. Team E Go Up Mo.


***Results not typical. Earning a commission as a Wakeupnow IBO requires significant work. Many people may be unable to earn a commission. Please refer to the Wakeupnow income disclosure statement

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“Series:” WAKE UP NOW “Entertainment & Lifestyle” Pt. 3 [Rhonda Pringle]

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