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ML | Adventures with YG Entertainment – Episode 01 ( Part 2 )

In the Summer of 2010, 3 Movement Lifestyle choreographers, Shaun Evaristo, Keone Madrid, and Mari Martin traveled to Korea to work for YG Entertaintment. They brought along Kanauru Productions to document their work and so this will be the first time viewers will be able to witness the making of choreography for popular Korean artists. You’ve seen behind the scenes footage of the artists themselves but never the artists behind the choreography. We bring you a different and unique perspective that will give you a better insight in the world of dance, choreography, and KPOP.

Look forward to future episodes with guests such as 2NE1 and Se7en.
Choreography that will be covered in future episodes
Se7en – Digital Bounce
Se7en – Better Together
2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
2NE1 – Clap Your Hands ( 박수 쳐 )
Taeyang – I’ll Be There

Taeyang’s “Just A Feeling” MNET performance behind the scenes also.

Taeyang’s Solar International Album on iTunes

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ML | Adventures with YG Entertainment – Episode 01 ( Part 2 )

25 Responses to “ML | Adventures with YG Entertainment – Episode 01 ( Part 2 )”

  1. i WOWiE says:


  2. PureS0u1 says:

    Woah a happy birthday from Taeyang?!

  3. egolectro says:

    @KawaiiCo0ki3 I think they have worked with a lot other famous people too.

  4. realies91 says:

    @TheHispanicFilipino I never said that ONLY working with kpop stars is a
    big deal. I know working with any mainstream artist is a big deal. I’m just
    congratulating them cause in the interviews Shaun was saying how people
    were talking about how they said that Movement Lifestyle working with kpop
    stars isn’t a big deal or w/e cause they’re working in Korea.

  5. bigbangmm says:

    I am impressed, yeah man i would love to see taeyang singing happy bday to
    me ! man !! Just love them all <3

  6. cccccccn says:

    what a good way to start liking kpop, with yg family :D ahh so lucky u got
    to meet them

  7. yeskpop123 says:

    lol omg u so lucky he sing happy bday to u!!!!!!!

  8. MissKickA$$ says:

    Shaun i’m jealous of you!

  9. wang1314 says:

    can someone please tell me the song name at the beginning of this ep.

  10. Kelly yi says:

    dang taeyang looks fresh …doesn’t he sweat? lol

  11. alphiebaluyut says:

    TAEYANG ‘S so sweet!

  12. TheDeadKeyboard says:

    Big Respect for YGE and ML, they’re a magically combination ;)

  13. aaron james says:


  14. Tammy Trieu says:

    keke Taeyang’s “Happy Birtschthday”

  15. Sally Lau says:

    If Taeyang sang that to me i would’ve died instantly

  16. kimchijjige says:

    Keone is so cuteeeeeee :3

  17. thaangel052 says:

    I would melt if he sang me happy birthday!!! Period.

  18. pary16 says:

    taeyang omfg XDDD

  19. aphamzzz says:

    Happy burstday to you too

  20. Paul Kevin Relente says:

    Do you know how much I envy you, Keonne?

  21. MaJoGuMiHo says:

    I’m Chilean… and… me too XDDDD jajajajajajaj in fact… I pee on my
    pants right now… ok no XDD Maldito y sensual taeyang, casi me muero…

  22. jazzy ringo says:

    i cried when taeyang sang happy brithday lol sooooooo freakin lucky keone

  23. 1beautifule says:

    Dude that’s so sick. You get to work with a KPOP star! Congrats man! You
    should check out EXO. They’re a new KPOP group but they’re good. Growl was
    their latest MV. 

  24. misapiggy says:

    you are right. Millions of people AROUND THE WORLD would pee their pants.

  25. Roxy Bandojo says:



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