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Intro to, Daily UK Urban Lifestyle and Entertainment

Intro to, Daily UK Urban Lifestyle and Entertainment.
Intro to, Daily UK Urban Lifestyle and Entertainment

23 Responses to “Intro to, Daily UK Urban Lifestyle and Entertainment”

  1. StOnEz6one7 says:

    word, i want wahidah. fuck the u.k

  2. lilrog0909 says:

    What is up with this uk stuff?

  3. OG Jawdinz says:

    sounds shitty

  4. SocaTrain says:

    last 3 girls was sexyyy

  5. RagggsUK says:

    subscribe now!! ragggs!!

  6. MrFlyAsI says:

    @RagggsUK no

  7. FaceKillaBloodSpilla says:

    because jumpoff is english you retard.

  8. JUMPOFF says:

    @theevilgeniuz its an unreleased beat by producer Ballsey

  9. lilrog0909 says:

    whatever you jumpoff stan

  10. FUKMusicisoverratedM says:


  11. princet07 says:

    the chick at 0:09 with the glasses is the best looking one they got!

  12. TreyPeezyDot says:

    @princet07 hell no in the glasses? no sir. BIG TIG OLES though!

  13. TreyPeezyDot says:

    baby at 0:12 is not bad. but I love the ACCENTS Hell yeah! Black UK
    bitches. OH YES!

  14. Rennie A says:

    Nahh girl at 0:14 is the best.

  15. rowejam072000 says:

    every one of them would get the dick

  16. 673hsd says:

    beautiful black women

  17. colenbrak says:

    rags dot cum two fousan nein

  18. SFREEMUSIC1 says:


  19. Ozzayh says:


  20. JUMPOFF says:

    im gonna take a guess here… people in UK?

  21. colenbrak says:

    hahaha word jumpoff are you gonna post any more t.o. videos?

  22. Geezyone says:

    Gorgeous girls especially Dollbaby


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