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Bose Lifestyle 135

This video covers the Bose Lifestyle 135. The centerpiece set of their whole-home audio system.

Bose Lifestyle 135

Bose Lifestyle 135

10 Responses to “Bose Lifestyle 135”

  1. gmj2012 says:

    OMFG! I am drooling now, dayum! See all those inputs? IS my geekiness
    showing yet? LOL. I love that media bar, BOSE always runs way ahead of the
    pack in audio and sound quality.

  2. rjpogi10 says:


  3. Zhack Charles says:

    i want thoseeeeeeee!

  4. r4m69 says:

    bose sucks, i know i own one. and i will never ever buy another again ,this
    time around im getting a real home theater system .

  5. Oneness100 . says:

    I guess you should have checked on what BOSE stands for. Better Off with
    Something Else.

  6. emerson benner says:

    Yes i woule agree with all comments below me bose is not worth it period.
    unless your going to only listen to classical or jazz music period like
    this guy clearly does then there not worth it hands down.

  7. tom11zz884 says:

    Bose hate…or Bose jealousy.

  8. TheDeathRocker95 says:

    Hi, I have a question, I hope you can answer. Between the Lifestyle 135 and
    the Lifestyle 235, which of the two you think is better? And why? I would
    appreciate your opinion

  9. B and H says:

    The primary difference is that the LS135 system features a sounbar speaker
    array configuration and the SL235 offers 2 Gemstone® ES speaker arrays.
    Please note that the LS 235 is discontinued and no longer available. Please
    contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

  10. Carlos Villegas says:

    I have a question I hope someone can help answer. I’ve been doing research
    and can’t find a work around where if this system is connected to a Smart
    TV, and only the cable box and whatever other device that’s connected to
    the Bose console will play through the Bose speakers rendering all the
    other features on a Smart TV useless like Youtube, Netflix, IE, basically
    all the other cool features on a Smart TV will only have sound through
    the TV speakers and not the Bose system since these features are on
    different inputs. Anyone have any ideas how to get everything to play
    through the Bose system?


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