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The Fabulous Bose® Lifestyle 235 Home Entertainment System.wmv

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Lifestyle® 235 System come with the simplicity, versality, functionality, quality, and durability … back up with the best warranty.
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One thing for sure … You wont regret buying this fabulous piece of engineering.
The Fabulous Bose® Lifestyle 235 Home Entertainment System.wmv

11 Responses to “The Fabulous Bose® Lifestyle 235 Home Entertainment System.wmv”

  1. raymondleeleggs says:

    it sucked!

  2. Stay Classy says:

    It’s fabulous alright. Fabulously horrible.

  3. Fareed Alshami says:

    i freaking love these systems , they are bad ass , and i work next to alot
    of other home theater systems at work , so yes i know what im talking about

  4. Nalla Lajacrac says:

    It sounds like x- mini speaker

  5. justfmax says:

    Bose: favorite of housewives everywhere!

  6. raymondleeleggs says:

    it doesent sound that bad really its just that there is better out there.

  7. benoit vendette says:


  8. Himadri Nandi says:

    is that true?

  9. acronus says:

    I’ve heard this system demo’d before, and it sounds alright, not mind
    blowing or anything, but alright. And this system would be competitive, if
    it was priced in the $500 to $750 range. However, at almost $2500 for the
    235, there’s are tons of better options.

  10. Nolan Gaddi says:

    I have at home and it’s great!

  11. MrViper7121 says:

    Same shit as both of the cinemate systems( the one with the DVD player and
    the one with the ir module), but with an extra driver on the side and for
    3x the price


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