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ML | Adventures with YG Entertainment – Episode 01 ( Part 1 )

In the Summer of 2010, 3 Movement Lifestyle choreographers, Shaun Evaristo, Keone Madrid, and Mari Martin traveled to Korea to work for YG Entertaintment. They brought along Kanauru Productions to document their work and so this will be the first time viewers will be able to witness the making of choreography for popular Korean artists. You’ve seen behind the scenes footage of the artists themselves but never the artists behind the choreography. We bring you a different and unique perspective that will give you a better insight in the world of dance, choreography, and KPOP.

Look forward to future episodes with guests such as 2NE1 and Se7en.
Choreography that will be covered in future episodes
Se7en – Digital Bounce
Se7en – Better Together
2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
2NE1 – Clap Your Hands ( 박수 쳐 )
Taeyang – I’ll Be There

Taeyang’s “Just A Feeling” MNET performance behind the scenes also.

Taeyang’s Solar International Album on iTunes

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ML | Adventures with YG Entertainment – Episode 01 ( Part 1 )

25 Responses to “ML | Adventures with YG Entertainment – Episode 01 ( Part 1 )”

  1. Hillary H says:

    mari martin looks like heechul from suju. i thought it was him before i saw
    her name…

  2. Henry L says:

    @cmvcmv I understand your point. But just because it is not a ‘craze’, does
    not mean it isn’t ‘memorable’.

  3. Luna2ne1 says:

    Lol at Qui trying and failing at getting into the YG building XD this is
    really awesome, thanks for sharing ^^

  4. krazybored says:

    Being a kpop choreographer is sooo huge but there is also so much pressure.
    The dances make or break the comebacks/debuts…..if your dance is
    memorable, you’re gonna be a hit.

  5. Sagal Abdi-Daoud says:

    The guy at 1:41 with curly hair has a super cute smile…wanna know more
    about him.

  6. Kayra Uzun says:

    What is riddiculus?

  7. Little Baby Bee says:

    WOW! You guys are so cool! ^__^m/ Love how you introduced BIGBANG and the
    rest of the YG artists to the world! ^__^♥ I think you guys should create a
    dance unit then perform… As in concert perform… ^___^ That would be

  8. marydet89 says:

    YES KOREA! I’d definitely love to be a choreographer for these famous KPop
    artists. Lucky & talented ARTISTS behind the ARTISTS. BIG KPOP
    entertainment FAN!! LOVE them from the dramas to there music to… it’s
    just wow. ^____^

  9. agilefuseconsulting2 says:

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  10. cccccccn says:

    i swear i wouldve ran up and jus grabbed taeyang haha XD

  11. coh08 says:

    Kwon Twins T_T <3

  12. Makea Terpstra says:


  13. aiQuia says:

    Those dislikes were clearly a mistake. I mean, look, there’s only two. No
    one in their right mind would knowingly hit dislike. What is to dislike
    about this? It’s a behind the scenes look at the hard work not only our
    favorite YG artists put in, but the hard work of the choreographers and YG
    dancers. This is definitely like-worthy.

  14. iqof14 says:

    that girl at the end looked like a guy from behind.

  15. diemarionetta says:

    Did anyone notice the typo in 0:04? It says “Choreograpers”.

  16. rubie tabili says:

    as well as lyle beniga (wedding dress and where you at together w/ shaun),
    aimee lucas (taeyang, GD and 2ne1) and mariel martin(2ne1-clap you hands,
    can’t nobody and the other song lol) xD

  17. lytsaba says:

    It’s weird when I get to about 1:30 the video lags and doesn’t load
    correctly. Is it just me?

  18. Timothy says:

    Was lyle not in movement lifestyle yet?

  19. Conz Coronacion says:

    a song that makes you wanna touch your face and rub lotion….hahaha, good
    one keone

  20. DaHelloBea says:

    I’ve met Shaun once at ABDC. NICEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. :’)

  21. Marie Thuy says:

    1:40 Kwon Twin…. I don’t know if it’s Deuk or Don by the way! :D

  22. TigerMonthlyHits says:

    i dont believe “Papa YG”. I feel like he’s just a myth… i feel like it’s
    just a group of people.

  23. odiia says:

    YG always hire the best ones

  24. D Sone says:

    OMG! Some day I want to go dance with My fave K-pop idols too! Working
    really hard at the moment to make this dream come true! <3 :D


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