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Bose Lifestyle 135 Series II Home Entertainment System To discover the best deal for this Bose Lifestyle 135 home entertainment system, click the link.

You’ll hear wide, spacious sound from just one slim speaker.

Now there’s much more to this Bose Lifestyle 135 Series II system than meets the eye. Exclusive Bose technology helps you easily control your home theater sources and gives you a powerful, immersive performance you wouldn’t expect from a soundbar system.

Easily connect and control up to 6 of your HD video and music sources, with video upscaling to 1080p

Sound can be customized to your room with its ADAPTiQ audio calibration system
The slim speaker delivers performance that convincingly sweeps around your room. The PhaseGuide and TrueSpace technologies work with drivers in the soundbar to deliver a sound that extends well beyond the speaker’s size. You’ll hear acoustic detail from the left, center and right, all from a single visible speaker that fits right in with your HDTV.

Also unique Flexmount technology lets you put the soundbar flat on a table or mount on a wall, and automatically adjusts the sound for optimal output. It’s an innovation you won’t find in conventional speakers, and it gives you more options for how to use your Lifestyle 135 system.

The wireless Acoustimass module produces deep low notes you can feel, from movie and game effects to sweeping crowd noise at live events. With a 30-foot signal range, you can put it into a corner, or place it out of sight.

The Unify intelligent integration system walks you through system set up, step by step. As you’re connecting components to the control console, the system recommends the best connectors via on-screen messages. It even confirms that the connection was made properly.

Additional features include: 3D video compatibility when connected to the appropriate 3D source(s) and a 3D TV

Automatic video upscaling ensures movies and sports programming use the highest resolution capabilities of your display–up to 1080p over HDMI

Video upconversion converts composite and component video to HDMI

And as mentioned, video upscaling that automatically upscales the video signal from all sources to 1080p

Bose Lifestyle 135 Series II Home Entertainment System

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